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Determine The Exit You're Using

Determine The Exit You're UsingΒΆ


Lets say you're using Tor and one day you run into something odd. Maybe a misconfigured relay, or maybe one that's being malicious. How can you figure out what exit you're using?

Here's a simple script that prints information about the exits used to service the requests going through Tor...

import functools

from stem import StreamStatus
from stem.control import EventType, Controller

def main():
  print("Tracking requests for tor exits. Press 'enter' to end.")

  with Controller.from_port() as controller:

    stream_listener = functools.partial(stream_event, controller)
    controller.add_event_listener(stream_listener, EventType.STREAM)

    raw_input()  # wait for user to press enter

def stream_event(controller, event):
  if event.status == StreamStatus.SUCCEEDED and event.circ_id:
    circ = controller.get_circuit(event.circ_id)

    exit_fingerprint = circ.path[-1][0]
    exit_relay = controller.get_network_status(exit_fingerprint)

    print("Exit relay for our connection to %s" % (
    print("  address: %s:%i" % (exit_relay.address, exit_relay.or_port))
    print("  fingerprint: %s" % exit_relay.fingerprint)
    print("  nickname: %s" % exit_relay.nickname)
    print("  locale: %s" % controller.get_info("ip-to-country/%s" % exit_relay.address, 'unknown'))

if __name__ == '__main__':

Now if you make a request over Tor...

% curl --socks4a
<HTML><HEAD><meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8">
<H1>301 Moved</H1>
The document has moved
<A HREF="">here</A>.

... this script will tell you about the exit...

% python
Tracking requests for tor exits. Press 'enter' to end.

Exit relay for our connection to
  fingerprint: A59E1E7C7EAEE083D756EE1FF6EC31CA3D8651D7
  nickname: chaoscomputerclub19
  locale: unknown