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_images/pypi.png _images/python_package_index.png

Signed releases and instructions for both Python 2.x and 3.x. You can easily install from its tarball (sig), or with pip...

% sudo easy_install pip
% sudo pip install stem
_images/osx.png _images/osx1.png

As of OSX 10.8 the platform bundles Python 2.7 by default. This makes installation easy...

% sudo easy_install pip
% sudo pip install stem
_images/debian.png _images/debian1.png

Packages by Dererk for Debian, including python-stem (for Python 2.x) and python3-stem (for Python 3.x).

% sudo apt-get install python-stem
_images/ubuntu.png _images/ubuntu1.png

Package derived from Debian for Ubuntu.

% sudo apt-get install python-stem
_images/fedora.png _images/fedora1.png

Packages maintained by Juan for Fedora using dnf or yum. These include python-stem (for Python 2.x), python3-stem (for Python 3.x), and python-stem-doc (this website).

% sudo dnf install python-stem
_images/gentoo.png _images/gentoo1.png

Package by Anthony Basile for Gentoo.

% sudo emerge stem
_images/archlinux.png _images/archlinux1.png

Package by Sjon for `Arch Linux...

% pacman -S python-stem
_images/slackware.png _images/slackware1.png

Package by Markus for Slackware.

_images/freebsd.png _images/freebsd1.png

Port by Carlo for FreeBSD.

% pkg install security/py-stem
_images/openbsd.png _images/openbsd1.png

Port by pascal for OpenBSD.

% pkg_add py-stem
_images/netbsd.png _images/netbsd1.png

Port by Riastradh for NetBSD.

% pkg_add py37-stem
_images/git.png _images/source_repository.png

For those wanting to live on the bleeding edge or contribute to Stem, Stem's git repository can be fetched with...

% git clone