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Double Double Toil and Trouble

Double Double Toil and Trouble

Below is a listing of scripts and applications that use Stem. If you have something you would like to have included on this page then let me know!


../_images/nyx.png ../_images/nyx1.png

Terminal status monitor for Tor. This provides a top like interface including system resource usage, connection information, and much more.

../_images/doctor.png ../_images/doctor1.png

Monitors the Tor consensus for a variety of issues including malformed descriptors, directory authority issues, sybil attacks, and much more.

../_images/exit_map.png ../_images/exit_map1.png

Scanner by Philipp Winter to detect malicious and misconfigured Tor exits. For more information about how it works see his Spoiled Onions research paper.

OnionLauncher Qt interface for launching tor.
TorNova GTK interface for launching tor.
BeagleBone for Secret Agents Bridge with a bandwidth monitor on a BeagleBoard.
NavigaTor Measures round-trip times for Tor circuits.
TorPS Tor path simulator.
Metrics Tasks One-off tasks related to Tor metrics. These mostly involve using descriptor information to answer a particular question. Tasks that involve Stem are: 1854, 6232, and 7241.
Onion Box Web dashboard for relay operation.
check_tor Nagios check to verify that a relay is participating in the Tor network.
munin-tor Plugin to provide Munin graphs.
tbbscraper Automated website scraper over Tor.
torIRC IRC-like chat client using Tor hidden services.
exit-funding Script to estimate how much exit relays have been used.
torsearch Search engine prototype for descriptor data.
or-applet GUI widget to provide circuit information and an interactive interpreter.
Vanguard Experimental hidden service security additions
OnionBalance Tool for making distributed hidden service requests.
OnionPerf Measures onion service performance over time using customizable client behavior models.
OnioNS Distributed DNS for hidden services.
OnionShare Hidden service based file sharing application.
OnionView GTK interface for viewing circuit information.
OnionCircuits GTK interface for viewing circuit information.
Syboa GTK interface similar to TorK.
hs-health Experiment to measure churn and reachability of hidden services.
trnnr Python implementation of tor's nearest neighbour ranking.
TorTP Configures iptables to torify all traffic.
BWScanner Measurements for the tor bandwidth authorities. Interesting example of txtorcon and stem being used together.
Bushel Command-line descriptor download tools
blockstack-tor Tor integration for Blockstack


Client Usage


  • Connection Summary

    Provides a summary of your inbound and outbound connections and exiting usage.