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TorDNSEL Exit Lists

TorDNSEL Exit Lists

Parsing for TorDNSEL exit list files.

TorDNSEL - Exit list provided by TorDNSEL
class stem.descriptor.tordnsel.TorDNSEL(raw_contents, validate)[source]

Bases: stem.descriptor.Descriptor

TorDNSEL descriptor (exitlist specification)

  • fingerprint (str) -- * authority's fingerprint
  • published (datetime) -- * time in UTC when this descriptor was made
  • last_status (datetime) -- * time in UTC when the relay was seen in a v2 network status
  • exit_addresses (list) -- * list of (str address, datetime date) tuples consisting of the found IPv4 exit address and the time

* attribute is either required when we're parsed with validation or has a default value, others are left as None if undefined