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Source code for stem.response.mapaddress

# Copyright 2012-2019, Damian Johnson and The Tor Project
# See LICENSE for licensing information

import stem.response
import stem.socket

[docs]class MapAddressResponse(stem.response.ControlMessage): """ Reply for a MAPADDRESS query. Doesn't raise an exception unless no addresses were mapped successfully. :var dict entries: mapping between the original and replacement addresses :raises: * :class:`stem.OperationFailed` if Tor was unable to satisfy the request * :class:`stem.InvalidRequest` if the addresses provided were invalid """ def _parse_message(self): # Example: # # 250 if not self.is_ok(): for code, _, message in self.content(): if code == '512': raise stem.InvalidRequest(code, message) elif code == '451': raise stem.OperationFailed(code, message) else: raise stem.ProtocolError('MAPADDRESS returned unexpected response code: %s', code) self.entries = {} for code, _, message in self.content(): if code == '250': try: key, value = message.split('=', 1) self.entries[key] = value except ValueError: raise stem.ProtocolError(None, "MAPADDRESS returned '%s', which isn't a mapping" % message)