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Source code for stem.response.getinfo

# Copyright 2012-2019, Damian Johnson and The Tor Project
# See LICENSE for licensing information

import stem.response
import stem.socket

[docs]class GetInfoResponse(stem.response.ControlMessage): """ Reply for a GETINFO query. :var dict entries: mapping between the queried options and their bytes values """ def _parse_message(self): # Example: # 250-version= (git-ef0bc7f8f26a917c) # 250+config-text= # ControlPort 9051 # DataDirectory /home/atagar/.tor # ExitPolicy reject *:* # Log notice stdout # Nickname Unnamed # ORPort 9050 # . # 250 OK self.entries = {} remaining_lines = [content for (code, div, content) in self.content(get_bytes = True)] if not self.is_ok() or not remaining_lines.pop() == b'OK': unrecognized_keywords = [] error_code, error_msg = None, None for code, _, line in self.content(): if code != '250': error_code = code error_msg = line if code == '552' and line.startswith('Unrecognized key "') and line.endswith('"'): unrecognized_keywords.append(line[18:-1]) if unrecognized_keywords: raise stem.InvalidArguments('552', 'GETINFO request contained unrecognized keywords: %s\n' % ', '.join(unrecognized_keywords), unrecognized_keywords) elif error_code: raise stem.OperationFailed(error_code, error_msg) else: raise stem.ProtocolError("GETINFO response didn't have an OK status:\n%s" % self) while remaining_lines: try: key, value = remaining_lines.pop(0).split(b'=', 1) except ValueError: raise stem.ProtocolError('GETINFO replies should only contain parameter=value mappings:\n%s' % self) if stem.prereq.is_python_3(): key = stem.util.str_tools._to_unicode(key) # if the value is a multiline value then it *must* be of the form # '<key>=\n<value>' if b'\n' in value: if not value.startswith(b'\n'): raise stem.ProtocolError("GETINFO response contained a multi-line value that didn't start with a newline:\n%s" % self) value = value[1:] self.entries[key] = value def _assert_matches(self, params): """ Checks if we match a given set of parameters, and raise a ProtocolError if not. :param set params: parameters to assert that we contain :raises: * :class:`stem.ProtocolError` if parameters don't match this response """ reply_params = set(self.entries.keys()) if params != reply_params: requested_label = ', '.join(params) reply_label = ', '.join(reply_params) raise stem.ProtocolError("GETINFO reply doesn't match the parameters that we requested. Queried '%s' but got '%s'." % (requested_label, reply_label))