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Source code for stem.response.getconf

# Copyright 2012-2019, Damian Johnson and The Tor Project
# See LICENSE for licensing information

import stem.response
import stem.socket

[docs]class GetConfResponse(stem.response.ControlMessage): """ Reply for a GETCONF query. Note that configuration parameters won't match what we queried for if it's one of the special mapping options (ex. 'HiddenServiceOptions'). :var dict entries: mapping between the config parameter (**str**) and their values (**list** of **str**) """ def _parse_message(self): # Example: # 250-CookieAuthentication=0 # 250-ControlPort=9100 # 250-DataDirectory=/home/neena/.tor # 250 DirPort self.entries = {} remaining_lines = list(self) if self.content() == [('250', ' ', 'OK')]: return if not self.is_ok(): unrecognized_keywords = [] for code, _, line in self.content(): if code == '552' and line.startswith('Unrecognized configuration key "') and line.endswith('"'): unrecognized_keywords.append(line[32:-1]) if unrecognized_keywords: raise stem.InvalidArguments('552', 'GETCONF request contained unrecognized keywords: %s' % ', '.join(unrecognized_keywords), unrecognized_keywords) else: raise stem.ProtocolError('GETCONF response contained a non-OK status code:\n%s' % self) while remaining_lines: line = remaining_lines.pop(0) if line.is_next_mapping(): key, value = line.split('=', 1) else: key, value = (line.pop(), None) # Tor's CommaList and RouterList have a bug where they map to an empty # string when undefined rather than None... # # if value == '': value = None if key not in self.entries: self.entries[key] = [] if value is not None: self.entries[key].append(value)