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Source code for stem.response.authchallenge

# Copyright 2012-2019, Damian Johnson and The Tor Project
# See LICENSE for licensing information

import binascii

import stem.response
import stem.socket
import stem.util.str_tools
import stem.util.tor_tools

[docs]class AuthChallengeResponse(stem.response.ControlMessage): """ AUTHCHALLENGE query response. :var str server_hash: server hash provided by tor :var str server_nonce: server nonce provided by tor """ def _parse_message(self): # Example: # 250 AUTHCHALLENGE SERVERHASH=680A73C9836C4F557314EA1C4EDE54C285DB9DC89C83627401AEF9D7D27A95D5 SERVERNONCE=F8EA4B1F2C8B40EF1AF68860171605B910E3BBCABADF6FC3DB1FA064F4690E85 self.server_hash = None self.server_nonce = None if not self.is_ok(): raise stem.ProtocolError("AUTHCHALLENGE response didn't have an OK status:\n%s" % self) elif len(self) > 1: raise stem.ProtocolError('Received multiline AUTHCHALLENGE response:\n%s' % self) line = self[0] # sanity check that we're a AUTHCHALLENGE response if not line.pop() == 'AUTHCHALLENGE': raise stem.ProtocolError('Message is not an AUTHCHALLENGE response (%s)' % self) if line.is_next_mapping('SERVERHASH'): value = line.pop_mapping()[1] if not stem.util.tor_tools.is_hex_digits(value, 64): raise stem.ProtocolError('SERVERHASH has an invalid value: %s' % value) self.server_hash = binascii.unhexlify(stem.util.str_tools._to_bytes(value)) else: raise stem.ProtocolError('Missing SERVERHASH mapping: %s' % line) if line.is_next_mapping('SERVERNONCE'): value = line.pop_mapping()[1] if not stem.util.tor_tools.is_hex_digits(value, 64): raise stem.ProtocolError('SERVERNONCE has an invalid value: %s' % value) self.server_nonce = binascii.unhexlify(stem.util.str_tools._to_bytes(value)) else: raise stem.ProtocolError('Missing SERVERNONCE mapping: %s' % line)