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Source code for stem.response.add_onion

# Copyright 2015-2019, Damian Johnson and The Tor Project
# See LICENSE for licensing information

import stem.response

[docs]class AddOnionResponse(stem.response.ControlMessage): """ ADD_ONION response. :var str service_id: hidden service address without the '.onion' suffix :var str private_key: base64 encoded hidden service private key :var str private_key_type: crypto used to generate the hidden service private key (such as RSA1024) :var dict client_auth: newly generated client credentials the service accepts """ def _parse_message(self): # Example: # 250-ServiceID=gfzprpioee3hoppz # 250-PrivateKey=RSA1024:MIICXgIBAAKBgQDZvYVxv... # 250-ClientAuth=bob:l4BT016McqV2Oail+Bwe6w # 250 OK self.service_id = None self.private_key = None self.private_key_type = None self.client_auth = {} if not self.is_ok(): raise stem.ProtocolError("ADD_ONION response didn't have an OK status: %s" % self) if not str(self).startswith('ServiceID='): raise stem.ProtocolError('ADD_ONION response should start with the service id: %s' % self) for line in list(self): if '=' in line: key, value = line.split('=', 1) if key == 'ServiceID': self.service_id = value elif key == 'PrivateKey': if ':' not in value: raise stem.ProtocolError("ADD_ONION PrivateKey lines should be of the form 'PrivateKey=[type]:[key]: %s" % self) self.private_key_type, self.private_key = value.split(':', 1) elif key == 'ClientAuth': if ':' not in value: raise stem.ProtocolError("ADD_ONION ClientAuth lines should be of the form 'ClientAuth=[username]:[credential]: %s" % self) username, credential = value.split(':', 1) self.client_auth[username] = credential