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Source code for stem.response.protocolinfo

# Copyright 2012-2019, Damian Johnson and The Tor Project
# See LICENSE for licensing information

import sys

import stem.prereq
import stem.response
import stem.socket
import stem.version
import stem.util.str_tools

from stem.connection import AuthMethod
from stem.util import log

[docs]class ProtocolInfoResponse(stem.response.ControlMessage): """ Version one PROTOCOLINFO query response. The protocol_version is the only mandatory data for a valid PROTOCOLINFO response, so all other values are None if undefined or empty if a collection. :var int protocol_version: protocol version of the response :var stem.version.Version tor_version: version of the tor process :var tuple auth_methods: :data:`stem.connection.AuthMethod` types that tor will accept :var tuple unknown_auth_methods: strings of unrecognized auth methods :var str cookie_path: path of tor's authentication cookie """ def _parse_message(self): # Example: # 250-PROTOCOLINFO 1 # 250-AUTH METHODS=COOKIE COOKIEFILE="/home/atagar/.tor/control_auth_cookie" # 250-VERSION Tor="" # 250 OK self.protocol_version = None self.tor_version = None self.auth_methods = () self.unknown_auth_methods = () self.cookie_path = None auth_methods, unknown_auth_methods = [], [] remaining_lines = list(self) if not self.is_ok() or not remaining_lines.pop() == 'OK': raise stem.ProtocolError("PROTOCOLINFO response didn't have an OK status:\n%s" % self) # sanity check that we're a PROTOCOLINFO response if not remaining_lines[0].startswith('PROTOCOLINFO'): raise stem.ProtocolError('Message is not a PROTOCOLINFO response:\n%s' % self) while remaining_lines: line = remaining_lines.pop(0) line_type = line.pop() if line_type == 'PROTOCOLINFO': # Line format: # FirstLine = "PROTOCOLINFO" SP PIVERSION CRLF # PIVERSION = 1*DIGIT if line.is_empty(): raise stem.ProtocolError("PROTOCOLINFO response's initial line is missing the protocol version: %s" % line) try: self.protocol_version = int(line.pop()) except ValueError: raise stem.ProtocolError('PROTOCOLINFO response version is non-numeric: %s' % line) # The piversion really should be '1' but, according to the spec, tor # does not necessarily need to provide the PROTOCOLINFO version that we # requested. Log if it's something we aren't expecting but still make # an effort to parse like a v1 response. if self.protocol_version != 1:"We made a PROTOCOLINFO version 1 query but got a version %i response instead. We'll still try to use it, but this may cause problems." % self.protocol_version) elif line_type == 'AUTH': # Line format: # AuthLine = "250-AUTH" SP "METHODS=" AuthMethod *("," AuthMethod) # *(SP "COOKIEFILE=" AuthCookieFile) CRLF # AuthMethod = "NULL" / "HASHEDPASSWORD" / "COOKIE" # AuthCookieFile = QuotedString # parse AuthMethod mapping if not line.is_next_mapping('METHODS'): raise stem.ProtocolError("PROTOCOLINFO response's AUTH line is missing its mandatory 'METHODS' mapping: %s" % line) for method in line.pop_mapping()[1].split(','): if method == 'NULL': auth_methods.append(AuthMethod.NONE) elif method == 'HASHEDPASSWORD': auth_methods.append(AuthMethod.PASSWORD) elif method == 'COOKIE': auth_methods.append(AuthMethod.COOKIE) elif method == 'SAFECOOKIE': auth_methods.append(AuthMethod.SAFECOOKIE) else: unknown_auth_methods.append(method) message_id = 'stem.response.protocolinfo.unknown_auth_%s' % method log.log_once(message_id, log.INFO, "PROTOCOLINFO response included a type of authentication that we don't recognize: %s" % method) # our auth_methods should have a single AuthMethod.UNKNOWN entry if # any unknown authentication methods exist if AuthMethod.UNKNOWN not in auth_methods: auth_methods.append(AuthMethod.UNKNOWN) # parse optional COOKIEFILE mapping (quoted and can have escapes) if line.is_next_mapping('COOKIEFILE', True, True): self.cookie_path = line.pop_mapping(True, True, get_bytes = True)[1].decode(sys.getfilesystemencoding()) if stem.prereq.is_python_3(): self.cookie_path = stem.util.str_tools._to_unicode(self.cookie_path) # normalize back to str elif line_type == 'VERSION': # Line format: # VersionLine = "250-VERSION" SP "Tor=" TorVersion OptArguments CRLF # TorVersion = QuotedString if not line.is_next_mapping('Tor', True): raise stem.ProtocolError("PROTOCOLINFO response's VERSION line is missing its mandatory tor version mapping: %s" % line) try: self.tor_version = stem.version.Version(line.pop_mapping(True)[1]) except ValueError as exc: raise stem.ProtocolError(exc) else: log.debug("Unrecognized PROTOCOLINFO line type '%s', ignoring it: %s" % (line_type, line)) self.auth_methods = tuple(auth_methods) self.unknown_auth_methods = tuple(unknown_auth_methods)